The latest entry into the “I can have a career just like Sean Avery” found out what happens when you try and go knee to knee on one of the Duck star, then fight the Captain, while refusing to fight the ‘fighters’. The Duck brings the fight to you. Watch this little man get jumped and then SHREDDED.



7 Responses to “I have told you before, don’t fuck with the Duck!!!”

  1. Monk Says:

    Holy shit Getzlaf, Parros, and Perry were about to start swinging on the entire Vancouver bench.

  2. TheGreenLaser Says:

    love the high tech blog’s awesome video embedding capabilities. Kingsternet rules!!!

  3. Monk Says:

    They do need a C otherwise Getzlaf is going to jump the boards and get in on the fun too.

  4. Monk Says:

    oh wait, that’s 3 wingers, yeah I think that’ll work. I want to make sure Getz and Perry only have to beat up other skilled players and not waste their time swinging on some low rate goons.

  5. Dick Pole Says:

    whoa, comment MIA.

  6. Monk Says:


  7. kingster Says:

    what are you two babbling about?

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