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Author: kingster

Have any of the screaming maniacs from Kingland asked this simple question: “Has Lombardi offered Doughty any contract that is for less than 7 years?”


I mean, because this negotiation is NOT over the remaining 200k a year as Dumbo would have Kingsters believe . It’s over the UFA years that Doughty (and no one in the NHLPA) wants him to give up.
Why does Doughty have to sign away every one of his valuable years … particularly those first several UFA years … because Dean says so? Why can’t DD just negotiate for the years left on his current RFA status?


Unless and until I hear that Dumbardi is in fact making offers based on Doughty’s preferred TERM of the contract – how many years its for – then the hold up is all Dumbo’s fault. If you want a guy to give up UFA years, you have to pay him like a UFA. And you know what else, even if you offer him that money, he doesn’t HAVE to take it. He can wait and see where the CBA is, what deals are like 4 years from now.


You idiots calling Doughty names forget that we lost a full season of hockey for the NHLPA to get the UFA age reduced. They gave up and allowed a salary cap in exchange for that right. Dean is trying to double up on this deal and Meehan and Doughty are calling him on it. Fuck him.



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