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Forget all the histrionics in Kingland. Forget the fat out-of-work slobs going on the internet and telling Doughty he has to take Dean’s offer if he wants to be a leader and gain the “respect of the boys in the dressing room”. Forget it.
Here’s what is happening, and it’s like no one gets it.


We lost a season. The season (04/05) was lost while the owners stood firm to get “cost certainty”, an obvious euphemism for a salary cap. The players bargained long and hard, lost a lot of money and ended up holding on to a few things.


PROBABLY the most important thing they got was this UFA deal. Now I forget the exact clause, but for guys like Stamkos, Doughty, etc, it means that at age 27 they can become Unrestricted Free Agents. They can bargain with every team, and if the NY Islanders want to give Drew Doughty 120 million for 10 years, they can do it. It changes EVERYTHING. Regardless of how much you might think a guy has an inflated salary at 6 million a year, his market value is at least 50% greater if he has the right to shop his services league-wide.


In this Doughty fiasco, Lombardi doesn’t want Doughty to have that power at age 27. It’s the prime of an NHL players career. Lombardi wants to own his rights at age 27, 28 29, 30. Doughty KNOWS that even though he can get 6 or 7 million this year, those years at age 27-32 are his greatest earnings years, because he’ll be an UNRESTRICTED free agent.


So Doughty’s agent ┬áMeehan literally says “fuck you” to Lombardi. We’ll give up maybe ONE of those years, but if so you have to pay him as a UFA. I mean you are asking him to give up a UFA year. WE LOST AN ENTIRE SEASON BARGAINING FOR THAT YEAR.


It’s a trick, is what it is. The owners said “hey we’ll give you UFA status at age 27” then as soon as the players said “Sweet, we got a deal” the owners started telling the big time RFA’s that they have to sign these 9 year deals, GIVING UP THOSE UFA YEARS THEY BARGAINED FOR. Now, you say, “well fine, the players don’t have a gun to their head” but in a sense they do. Doughty can’t say “forget it Kings, I’ll go elswehere.” He has to deal with Dean.


Is the price fair? Listen closely: NO! NO it’s not. Drew Doughty makes the Kings more than 6.8 million a year. Period, paragraph. The Kings are stupid, but they are run by an ownership group that values money. If you are a slob reading this from your cubicle saying “hey in this economy….” just shut the fuck up right now because in this economy the Kings are still getting 100 bucks a ticket, big money in the suites. They are still selling jerseys and popcorn and 12 dollar beer. They can do it because they have players like Doughty and Kopitar. And if they said “fine Drew, get out of here we release you sign with whoever you want” there would be 29 teams making trades and cutting players in order to bid on this guy and the offers would be MORE.


SO shut the fuck up. Stay out of this. The players bargained for the right to control what team they played for and how much they earned at age 27 and the owners agreed to it in 2005. Now the owners are trying to take that back. Bullshit.

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