Make ’em pay, fatboy!!!

Author: kingster

Oh my lord there is some serious hand-wringing tonight over Drew Doughty! Everyone reporting that Donuts turned down a 7 year, 6.7 million dollar contract. Even the dancing fairy who holds a baseball bat crosshanded and couldn’t throw a basketball high enough to hit the hoop is calling him out in a spirited attempt to persuade Drew to sign. See, apparently Drew is going to read Matt Ferry’s “blog” and that will influence him, see? Cause no one knows who Matt Fairy is except for some fat turds in jean shorts and they all know he doesn’t know shit about hockey, has no connections etc. I know it’s very confusing, but apparently DD is gonna go on line, seek out the advice of some idiot failed child actor who writes a blog! Because .. well … for no good reason. The idiot knows nothing about hockey, negotiating, sports agents or anything beyond who might be in the next season of the Kardashian show.


But get this. What he says is FIRE YOUR AGENT .. fire the guy that has you turning down nearly forty seven million dollars because I guess getting you a 47 million dollar offer is lame????


So here is some more of his “logic”. He says that Doughty should just give up the 3 years of UFA status and sign for the Kings price because if not he might end up like Rob Blake, booed all the time or … worse yet he says consider:


“Players say that sort of stuff doesn’t effect them, but look at what happened to three players over the summer, Drew. It DOES effect them.”

(by the way, DIPSHIT, you should have used “affect” not “effect”. Effect is a noun almost always, affect a verb. The “effect” of the fans booing might be one thing but it “affects” players in a certain way. If you had more than a GED, you’d know this).

OK settle down there, lady! Are you saying Drew Dougthy might commit suicide? No? Well then what does this stupid line mean? Did Belak, Rypien and Boogard take pills and kill themselves because they were booed? Because some tiny little man on an internet blog wrote them “Dear Drew” letters? What a stupid fucking point. Maybe you should tell DD that he might die in a Russian plane crash too? I mean that has as much to do with his signing or not signing a contract as Derek Boogard’s death does! Holy shit if someone is gonna die could you please get some of RR’s kidney stones, high blood pressure and die of that? Please? Let me tell you this, prancing boy, Drew Doughty’s agent has Dean Lombardi right by the short hairs. Lombardi has now handed down some Guido style mob edict and let it slip publicly despite the claims by both sides that they would NEVER go to the press. He’s trying to rile up the idiot fans (worked with you, huh bloggerboy?) and get them on his side so they’ll what? So that Doughty will worry about getting booed?

Do you think that plan is gonna work? Doughty is going to give up 2 years of his unrestricted free agency life in order to get the fans on his side? Do you have a concept of the kind of contract DD gets when he’s a UFA? Try 70 million plus! Dancing Matt himself speculates (geeze he’s dumb) that Doughty will get 15 mill a year, so Idiot boy says JUST TAKE THE 6 a year and give up 2 or 3 of those years. And then … and then this goober does the math and says that if he takes the long term deal it’s only gonna cost him 4.7 mill. First of all, ONLY????? ONLY 4.7 million? Fuck. Second of all, DO THE MATH AGAIN YOU EFFEMINATE RETARD. If he loses out on 1 UFA year at 15 mill, that’s an 8.3 million dollar hit. Miss two? 16.6! Miss out on three? 24.9 million bucks. THROW AWAY 25 million bucks just to ‘get her done’ and show the fans you are committed to the team? COMMITTED is what ought to be done to this lying dancing half -a-chick idiot!!!!


Anyway, I hope Doughty holds out. To me, the more money the players get, and the less the owners get … the better. Eff the Owners. I pay to see the players.


Doughty has the idiotkings over a barrel and I love it. He is a very good young defenseman, but he’s not a generational player. He’s not Scott Neidermayer, he’s not Chris Pronger, he’s not Nick Lidstrom and he’s not even Rob Blake. This is a win-win situation for Duck fans. If he forces a trade, HA! If they sign him to a 9 year deal, HA again! If they only get him for 5 years then their stupid GM will look like a spaghetti-stained WOP once again! WIN WIN WIN!


Go Duck!

14 Responses to “Make ’em pay, fatboy!!!”

  1. TheGreenLaser Says:

    Just because Drew Doughty’s monthly interest earnings statement would hook up the average King fan with rent and weed money for life doesn’t mean that Doughty should “just get er done.” Fucking mongoloid retards. I hope Doughty fleeces the fuck out of LA and then goes on the donut binge to end all donut binges. I predict that if he gets a long contract out of Lombardi he’ll be a Penneresque fatass by 2015.

  2. Monk Says:

    so wait. he made the point that three players held out in contract negotiations with Dean and then mysteriously off’d themselves this past summer?

  3. kingster Says:

    Monk, you are a little off. His not-so-sharp “point” was that Rob Blake screwed over the Kings somehow, and got booed. So if Fatboy holds out, he’ll get booed. If he does that it might “affect/effect” him (he’s not sure on the proper word choice there!), and don’t thin it won’t because 3 players who have NOTHING AT ALL TO DO WITH BLAKE, DD or the Kings … died this summer.

    In other words, if Doughty doesn’t sign soon, Doughty might get booed, get upset then off himself. Sign, or commit suicide, it’s your choice, Donuts!!

  4. Dick Pole Says:

    Just what this guy needs — to miss any part of camp and be outside the watchful eye of the shotcount heroes trainig program. heh.

  5. Gypsy Duck Says:

    Rape ’em Drew!

  6. TheGreenLaser Says:

    Did Boogard, Belak and Rypien get booed a lot over the years? If they did then why the fuck is Oleg Tverdovsky still alive?

  7. TheGreenLaser Says:

    ahh fuck…I meant THAN. I think. Fucking Kingy blogs are fucking with my grammar.

  8. Gypsy Duck Says:

    If Doughnuts bulls a Rob Blake and leaves, he will get boo’d. The cool thing about it is, it will sound like they are saying “Dreeeeew!”

  9. The REAL Matt Berry Says:


  10. I love Toe! Says:

    Sounds like the Duck fan is all but hurt cause our team is better then theirs without Doughty.
    “Scott Neidermayer, he’s not Chris Pronger, he’s not Nick Lidstrom” <– Hey idiot where these players at their prime at 21? Shut the fuck up with your Homer chat

    "Drew Doughty’s agent has Dean Lombardi right by the short hairs. Lombardi has now handed down some Guido style mob edict and let it slip publicly despite the claims by both sides that they would NEVER go to the press. He’s trying to rile up the idiot fans (worked with you, huh bloggerboy?) and get them on his side so they’ll what? So that Doughty will worry about getting booed?"

    hmmmmm seems to me that DL has Doughty and Meehan by the short hairs. The Kings have moved on, if they get Doughty back they get him back, infact this will actually be good for the youngsters trying to make the club.

    Eventually Doughty will sign

  11. Toe for Calder Says:

    Ya fuck the ducks….hope u enjoy being cellar dweller’s once hiller gets vertigo

  12. kingster Says:

    Woah, hey ladies, thanks for the reply. I was wondering how many times your Kings won the Stanley Cup? Hey, how’d you do in that home and home last year at the end of the season? BTW, fuck you!

  13. king_stoner Says:

    toe sounds like a lil worried bitch!!!

  14. kingster Says:

    Wow, Kingstoner as stupid as ever. Doughty has you by the balls, fatboy!

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