Are you people done yet?

Author: kingster

All you internet grievers? Are you done with your sorrow and pain? Have you been able to “wrap your head around” it (a phrase I saw twitted and retwitted by twits all day long) yet? The Russian tragedy?


For crying out loud. None of you knew Ruslan Salei. He’s not gonna come party with you at your Garden Grove condo, OK? Not while he was alive and certainly not now. Posing for pictures laying flowers at the feet of the Wild Wing statue? Are you fucking kidding me? I will kick you in the nuts, OK? Chinese fighting star to each of your sternums. Calling for all fans and “players” to meet at the Wild Wing statue? Listen, ladies, the players are not going to come down there and throw back a Coors Light with you. They aren’t going to start following you on Twitter because you are some great emotional caring person who “feels for the family”. Fuck all you guys.


You want to retire his number? Because he died a tragic death? Come on.


Listen, everyone has their horrors. If you don’t, count yourself lucky cause trust me the little roulette ball is gonna land on your number one day, same as it has for nearly everyone else. It’s fine that this affects you and it’s fine that it saddens you. But get some fucking perspective, OK? Don’t try to glom off this and get your picture in the paper, or become the head guy of a new Twitter club that mourns players better than the other NHL fans mourn players.


If you want a cause, take up the cause for children killed in war. Cancer research. THOUSANDS of people die tragically every day. Same as with Ruslan Salei, you don’t know any of them either. Get it together you puny little creeps.


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  1. TheGreenLaser Says:

    The mourning Twitter fags are worse than the assholes that wear all kinds of pink shit for breast cancer awareness. I’m all for supporting the fight against breast cancer but wouldn’t it be better if you just, I don’t know, GAVE them your money as opposed to buying a pink shirt from them? Of course it is and those fags fucking know it. However, they want their pink shirts so that they can let everyone know that they’re better and more caring than anyone else. Fucking attention whoring fags.

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