Nice trade, Dumbo!!!

It looks like Tuesday night at that roller hockey rink in Corona.


6 Responses to “Dustin Penner in Pre-Season Shape!!!!”

  1. TheGreenLaser Says:

    The more time that passes the more genius Burke’s refusal to match that offer sheet looks.

  2. Dick Pole Says:

    Fucking sweet. When was that taken?

    I can’t bring myself to visit Teh Gay often; last time I was there was probably early summer and I saw a handful of “Penner is super motivated and working out like a beast” posts.

    So, um, maybe not?

  3. Dick Pole Says:

    Ovechkin sporting a nice boiler in mid-July. Somehow, I think he’ll show up in shape, score 100 points, jar some dman teeth loose and put asses in seats.

  4. Monk Says:

    he does look like he lost weight

  5. Dick Pole Says:

    Fucking Gold, Monk.

  6. Gypsy Duck Says:

    He’s not fat, he’s big boned.

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