Author: kingster

What is with the old guys who grunt in pleasure as they PEE at the urinal? Holy crap if you are going to play with yourself go into the stall and SHUT UP. All you many women who read this blog might not know it, but if you are standing at a urinal and an old guy wearing a Van Heusen shirt or a pair of “slacks” comes in to pee, odds are good you are gonna hear the guys sex grunt when he pees. I’m pretty old myself, but I don’t find peeing pleasurable, and if I did, I would not be voicing my pleasure with my penis ejaculate in a room full of men. If the guy does not grunt in pleasure, then your odds are 100% that he’s gonna put his right hand extended onto the filthy wall, lean into the urinal and pee that way. Forget about it if a Mexican goes into the stall, he’ll be having a cell phone conversation trying to schedule his next delivery while you are there. I’m gonna just go to the bathroom before I leave the house in the morning, and not go again till I get home.


4 Responses to “DISGUSTING”

  1. Kingstoner Says:

    I pee sitting down anyhow jerk!

  2. Dick Pole Says:

    Zimpy whizzin’ in your office complex bathroom again?

  3. Monk Says:

    I think I see hipcheck’s next blog in there

  4. heh Says:


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