I think this must be Eklund’s favorite time of year. There is NOTHING going on in hockey and hockey fans (like me) are so desperate for hockey stuff they actually click on his retarded site. Well 3 days ago the Doughty signing was “imminent” (despite the fact Lombardi was just quoted in a reliable outlet saying he hasn’t talked to them in two weeks) and yesterday he said the Kings and Rangers were about to sign a big time RFA and he’d get a call from his “source” in an hour and update then. Oh, and Doughty might be done last night. Of course it’s 24 hours later ….. NOTHING.


This guy is the biggest fraud/liar east of Dancing Fags duplex in Redondo. FRAUD.




4 Responses to “What the hell is the matter with people?”

  1. Realist Says:

    You’re just now figuring this out?

  2. hamertime Says:

    He’s a little late to the dance as usual!

  3. Monk Says:

    he’s still emailing me from his aol email address too

  4. Dick Pole Says:

    So what you’re trying to say with this blog is that Eklund, Prancing Lad and Hammond are douches?

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