100 bucks a pop to meet Rich and sit in a suite for a Kings game. This is being billed as some sort of superfan night, a “give-back” sort of deal from Rich and the Kings.



100 bucks a pop! Journalism at it’s finest! Hey Rich, what happened with Mark Hardy’s incestuous firing? Heidi Androl’s drunken driving or Luc Robitaille’s home foreclosure? INVESTIGATE something you namby-pamby PR hack!!!



As a follow-up to the post about the “suite” games, Frank did some yeoman’s work over the past few days. Noting that, in the comments, there was a bit of a groundswell for a game against a higher-profile opponent — even at a cost increase — Frank worked with Larry Abel of Staples Center and came up with a new alternative for the first of the two nights. The Nov. 19 game against Detroit (a Saturday) has now been made available, at the cost of $100 per ticket. That’s in contrast to $75 for the other games. So here’s how we will handle it. Since the polling for the first night was close, we’ll take the top two games and then add in the Detroit game and see which one people favor. Again, please don’t vote unless you believe there’s a realistic possibility you will be able to attend the game. Thanks… Getting this done far in advance should make for a memorable, fun night for all involved!

2 Responses to “Rich Hammond, selling more tickets!!!”

  1. Everyone on the planet Says:

    Wow, that fucking Kingstoner is a retard!

  2. Monk Says:

    I bet they’d charge more for the suite ticket if Rich wasn’t there

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