Now you go ahead and tell me that’s not a picture of the hideously deformed Eddie Munster all grown up. From a tiny monster into a goofy, pencilneck cheerleading dipshit!


He’s on another “forum answers” kick and the latest things:


He thinks that it is anyone’s guess and pure speculation which rookie might make the team, but he thinks it might be Voynov!

He thinks it’s of no value to speculate on if the Kings are in the Stamkos market … that’s just internet rumormongoring.

He thinks some players may have “no hazardous activity” clauses in their contracts, but he’s not sure!

He can’t single out one guy on the Kings as a great guy cause they are all great guys! Oh, except Justin Williams he’s a REALLY great guy.

He doesn’t have “any idea” why Bob Miller and Jim Fox don’t do any national games.

He has received other offers in the “journalism” field since the Kings hired him but he doesn’t feel it would be good to say with who (read “he’s got no other offers!)


This guys “career” is over. He is a wealth of non-informative jocksniffing. The sooner he gets a yeast infection and dies, the better.



  1. RH Says:

    This is not funny and if it does not stop, exposes you to a libel suit from my lawyers. Cease and desist.


  2. Khanon Says:

    1. Defamation.
    a. Common law defamation requires 1) defamatory language, 2) “of or concerning” Π (cannot be dead person), 3) Publication by Δ to a 3rd party, 4) damage to Π’s reputation.
    i. Defamatory language: insult/name calling not enough. Must be allegation of fact that reflects negatively on P’s trait/character (like honesty, competence, loyalty, sexual morality). Statement of opinion may be defamatory if reas listener would assume the statement to be fact-based.
    ii. Libel is the written or printed publication of defamatory language. Π does not need to prove special damages and general damages are presumed.
    iii. Slander is spoken defamation. Π must prove special damages, unless the slander is slander per se which is a statement that: 1) adversely reflects on one’s conduct in a business or profession, 2) one has a loathsome disease, 3) one is or was guilty of a crime of moral turpitude, 4) a woman is unchaste.

  3. kingster Says:

    Go ahead and sue me you fucking idiots.

  4. Khanon Says:

    Fuck you King_Stoner, you stupid Vangaloid (a mongoloid from Vancouver)

  5. kingster Says:

    Wouldn’t a mongoloid from Vancouver be considered a Vaginaloid? And he’s from San Diego County.

  6. Monk Says:

    any court in america would uphold the rich hammond looks like what eddie munster would look like if he were 45 years old and a virgin.

  7. kingster Says:

    And as Khanon can tell you, TRUTH is a defense, mothefuckers!

  8. king_stoner Says:

    1. defecation

    a. what i did on khanons mom!

  9. Khanon Says:

    KS, how’s the fiber optics technician business going? You still making $8 per hour or what?

  10. king_stoner Says:

    i actually get paid $26 base rate and since i mostly do work in government buildings i get $30-35. laugh all you want at me toe. i get paid and i get to have fun too! suck my balls!!!!

    and when i shit on your mom… my shit threw up. she’s that gross!

  11. kingster Says:

    So you are on the internet bragging that you have a laborers job that pays you 50 or 60 grand a week? LOL. I spend 50 grand a year on shoes you fucking idiot.

  12. kings_stoner Says:

    Alright, I lied a little. I make around $9 per hour, sometimes I’ll work a little overtime so I can buy some blueberry kush and a little hash to sprinkle on it. You guys actually thought I had a good, steady job?! Fucking cum swapping shit suckers

  13. Realist Says:

    You guys are rich!

  14. king_stoner Says:

    I wish the Kings could be just like the Red Wings. I love the fact that Holland hates the rough stuff. Rough stuff shouldn’t be part of the game anymore. Go Wings Go… I mean, Go Kings Go! I love you Realist! You’re the only one on this site with class. Toe is a cumswapper

  15. king_stoner Says:

    if you spend 50k a year on shoes…. you are a homo!!!!!!

    and no i wasnt braggin about it…. i was answering a question someone posted earlier. not on this shitty site, on a real hockey blog site.

    i still love how you right under my name like it bothers me. i know its just you and me on this site.

    anything else, besides begging me to be on your message board!

  16. kingster Says:

    You love how I “right” under your name? You better go back to your little apartment you rent and supersize another extra value mealy you loser.

  17. Khanon Says:

    It all makes sense now. The fag is a Europussies’ fan. Fuck you KingStoner, you dumb cable television technician. Hey, can you install a new cable outlet for me?

  18. kingster Says:

    this site is gay as fuck

  19. king_stoner Says:

    oh, only you can post under multiple names

    why dont i ever see you on hockeybuzz? why dont you ever talk shit on a real site?? is it cause every time youre on there you get laughed off?

    hey khanon (i mean redwingsarekhl) why dont you ever go to the buzz to chat. everytime i see you on there, you have some dumbass comment that every one talks shit about.

    why is it that all of your post on this site happen within the same time frame. i think its you switching back and forth between different names. am i the only other person on this site other than you.

    when you ever gonna do a ducks report? not worth your time since you know they are gonna fail.

    what do you think the ducks do with the first overall pick in the next draft? cause you know they will be dead last!

  20. kingster Says:

    OH you got me now with your super detective powers. You are an idiot.

  21. Monk Says:

    khannon’s (welching pussy) posts get ripped apart here too you pop tarted virgin. king stoner you suck.

  22. king_stoner Says:

    pop tarted virgin????? you sir are a moron… that was lame

    monks moms pussy get ripped apart everywhere. first by the cocks she takes, then by the crack baby she spits out of her torn up cunt!

  23. Monk Says:

    you don’t even know my mother, it’s hard to take your description of her seriously

  24. Monk Says:

    kingstoner, you sir…are a 9 toed shit peanut who failed a battle of the wits with a blonde female polish person, your “penis” is 3 inches erect and shaped like a hockey puck if a hockey puck was shaped like a cigarette. No one likes you. Your mom didn’t love you. Your dad wishes he dropped you on your head more then fucking punted you in your ugly face.

    If anyone gave a shit about you, this is what your wikipedia article would look like.

  25. king_stoner Says:

    i dont know her, but ive seen her videos!!

  26. Khanon Says:

    KingStoner, is Monk also a Toe alias?

    Eat a dick, you Europussies fan.

  27. Khanon Says:

    Hey Kingstoner, you dump midget, RedWingsAreKHL is the bomb at HockeyBuzz. The only people that disagree with me are idiots and idolize europussy style hockey. If you have a problem with me, I’ll be in SD on the 26th to take the BAR. Comprende, puto?

  28. Realist Says:

    Better watch out KS, the Welching Pussy (Arab lover) is a big MMA fan, that means he’s tough.

  29. Kingboner Says:

    I’m gay

  30. king_stoner Says:

    oh no im soo scared. hit me up with where youre at when youre in SD!!! youll be easy to spot in your ducks jersey

    i bet youre actually out here for the comicon you nerdy ass homo.

    khanon is a big MMA fan??? does that stand for Multiple Men in his Ass???

    im not down for that.

    ‘RedWingsAreKHL is the bomb at HockeyBuzz. The only people that disagree with me are idiots and idolize europussy style hockey.’

    so everyone on that site likes the europussy style? ive never seen anyone ever agree with you there. and can you please explain what you think the europussy style is?

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