What a fucking waste. The Duck has 2 years left on Getz and Perry. When they hit the UFA market they will land somewhere between Brad Richards (60 mill) and Kovalchuk (100 mill). Keep in mind they’ll both be 27 at the time.

And the Duck are gonna come up 9 million short of the cap and go with the 90 year old line of Selanne (knee surgery, 41 years old, thinking about retiring), Koivu and Blake. Oh and the third line of Macmillan, no one and no one. The 4th line is set with Parros, no one and no one.

Too late now, let the fat man sleep.

13 Responses to “Thank God, Bob Murray found! Rested and healthy!!!!”

  1. Hamer Says:

    Put a pillow over his face!

  2. king_stoner Says:


    every ducks fan needs to go to this site. it ranks every announcer team in the nhl from worst to best.

    guess who is at the bottom…… YOURE DUCKS TEAM

    guess who is at the top……….. KINGS TEAM

    what do you have to say about that toe?

  3. kingster Says:

    What a stupid thing to point out, even for someone as stupid as you. First of all who gives a fuck about the announcers. Second of all, that’s some fucking blog site no one ever heard of. They bill themselves as “editorially fancentric”!! That means some stupid fucker writes some stupid shit and they put it up and try to sell ads! Why don’t you just link me to Hipchecks blog page next time you want to NOT prove a point you sad sad half-a-man.

  4. hamer Says:

    ohhhhh Our announcers are better than your announcers!!! You flaming faggot go win a cup!

  5. king_stoner Says:

    oh hey hammer (toe)

  6. Realist Says:

    I’m not hammer you idiot

  7. Realist Says:


  8. TheGreenLaser Says:

    Am I supposed to give a shit about what some asshole on the internet thinks? Dipshit stoner acts like some sort of scientific process or investigative panel produced these results. It’s just some fucking blogger for Christ’s sake. Even if it’s accurate….WHO GIVES A FUCK? Oh yeah, I know who, fans of loser teams like the Shotcount Heroes whose team fails to give Jort Nation something respectable to brag about.

  9. king_stoner Says:

    you brought out all you alias huh toe? nice try half man frenchy!!!!

  10. king_stoner Says:

    im surprised that one of your aliases didnt beg me to join your gay chat boards again. i see you finally gave up.

  11. kingster Says:

    What are you so afraid of?

  12. Hamer Says:

    Join teh board you fat fuck!

  13. Realist Says:

    See, I told ya I’m not Toe.

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