Look at them CHOPPERS!!!

Author: kingster

Horsetooth Jackass!

The jackass brays again! Dean Dumbo Dumbardi can’t stop Ryan Smyth from declaring “I bleed Oiler Blue” and is forced to trade him. He blows it the first time trading for the injured Gilbert Brule, then he blows it a second time, now actually completing the stupidest trade yet.

Captain Canada. You have a team dying to get to the cap floor, a team that is home to this guy Smyth, they love him and he loves them. And you have Captain Canada to offer. And you get Colin Fraser????

Pretty stupid right?

Well not stupid enough for Dean Lombardi. Fraser has a destroyed foot. He needs surgery. He’ll be out 4 months!!!!

No problem, Dean says, we’ll buy him out! BZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ wrong again you blowhard wanna be mafiosa pinhead! He’s got a clause in his contract! You gotta pay him while he sits you MORON!!!!!!!

Go Kings Go!!

2 Responses to “Look at them CHOPPERS!!!”

  1. Kingstoner Says:

    too bad that pussy Todd Marchant decided to call it quits. TeMu looks like he’s done after his knee surgery. Good luck fag!!!!

  2. kingster Says:

    You are talking about two guys with their names engraved on the Stanley Cup, right under a header that says ANAHEIM DUCKS, right Kingy Nocup? I am right, right?

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