Author: kingster

Stupid fans have been clamoring for a Paul Kariya return, and now Bob Murray is indicating he’s interested. I guess ripping Anaheim off for 50 million bucks already isn’t enough for this little, tiny, soft cherry-picker. He wants to come back so he can refuse to come off the ice when the other goalie is pulled? So he can flit around at the far blueline waiting for an outlet pass while everyone else plays defense?

This guy sucks. He’s concussed. He’s tiny. He’s selfish and he’s a fucking jerk. NO NO NO!!!

5 Responses to “NO NO NO NO NO NO NO”

  1. Realist Says:

    Good luck in the Kariya sweepstakes!

  2. TheGreenLaser Says:

    kind of a shame, dude used to be fucking great. But damn, what a prick. I don’t know anyone that has met him in person that doesn’t think he’s an asshole and that includes me. Fuck him.

  3. kingster Says:

    I remember way back in the Disney days, seeing him waiver Ron Wilson off when Wilson was begging him to get off the ice at the end of a PP. And of course, if you watched this little shit when the other team pulled the goalie … he would just jump on the ice immediately and never even look at the bench. No one ever came in for him with the goalie pulled. His claim to fame was always waiting at center ice while everyone else played defense. Selfish little bastard. The Cup win without his anal-retentive crap on roster was the best retaliation ever.

  4. Dick Pole Says:

    Pass. Go eat a dick, Paulie.

    Looks like the shotcount heroes need a winger more than ever. I’d think Rinkrat would love that shit. He did once have a KARIYA license plate, after all, didn’t he?

  5. hamer Says:

    Rat fucking Bastard! If this happens, I’ll punch Murray in the mouth!

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