Hey, assholes!

Author: kingster

Who do you think the Kings will draft in the first round this year?



Oh, yeah sorry. Forgot, the always forward-thinking “build it from the back end” and “build it right” genius Dean Dumbardi traded this years first rounder for Dustin Donuts Penner! Well look, that’s building from the back end if you are looking for the guy with the biggest ass in the league.
But not to worry, they can just use their #13 overall pick from 2008 to trade up this year for someone else’s first round pick. What’s that you say? They traded Colton Teubert the rough and tumble 13th overall sure fire Dman? What’d they get for him, some stud second line center or a great Dman? What? They traded Teubert AND their first round pick for fat boy Penner?


Then maybe they can use next years 2nd round pick to move up this year ….. what???!!!! They traded a 1st, a 2nd and a great prospect for a year and a half of the human ice melting machine????



4 Responses to “Hey, assholes!”

  1. king_stoner Says:

    really??? your only concern is the kings draft day?

    why dont you worry about pussy eurotrash selanne?
    how about that other eurotrash ”im too dizzy to play” piece of shit goalie you have?
    and do you think that lubo will be able to keep it up again next year?

    you wont make the playoffs next year i guarantee it!!! KINGS DOMINATE!!!

    now go make up a bunch of names of people who love your blogs. hahaha pathetic loser

  2. kingster Says:

    Boy are you ever stupid. First of all, I am concerned with the Kings draft day, as you should be. They have blown it. After repeatedly saying they will keep their picks, build from within and then … poised like a mountain lion they will make a bold move to attack the rest of the league. Well guess what, dummy? They bold move was DUSTIN PENNER!!!! Now your draft is ruined and you wasted a #13 overall pick!!

    Second, any idiot can just single out a player and call him “trash” or “shitty”. That’s just stupid. I don’t run around saying Kopitar sucks, cause, well he doesnt suck. He’s on a sucky team is the issue. Now you make fun of Teemu Selanne who swept your stupid teams ass at the end of the season to ruin your playoff seeding? LOL! The 40 year old that outplayed all your dumbass team? And you rip Hiller who was on his way to a Vezina before getting an innner ear infection? That’s the blurtings of a drunken mongoloid.

    You are a sad sad little man, and it’s a shame that after 5 years of Lombardi “showing the Ducks how it’s done” you still finished behind them, the Ducks still have better prospects in their system and a better team on the ice. OH, and they’ve played now close to 90 ploayoff games in the last 8 seasons. Oh .. and that Cup thing.

    Eat a whole bottle of vicodin and die you stupid retard.

  3. king_stoner Says:

    who’s talking to you faggot? i was having a chat with toejam.

    second hiller didnt have an ear infection, it was a yeast infection in his pussy.

    and third. go fuck your mothers dead remains or i will

    ill say what i want on here

  4. kingster Says:

    Here’s the way it’s gonna work, fatboy. You want to make a comment that isn’t stupid, unfunny, attempts at “gross out” insults, then you will get to “say what you want here”. Until the, you’ll say what I say you can say.

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