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May God’s Mercy be on you and may he treat you as well in heaven as he did on earth. May his everlasting love and grace be upon you and yours as you struggle through this. Get well soon Paul it is with heavy heart that I express my condolences because and forsooth I am first a human and yes dammit I drove to the crash site and I CRIED and cried. God thank you for placing Paul among us and then ripping his life from us you are kind and benevolent it’s so clear that there is a bearded man in the sky just killing guys on motorcycles and fast red cars one by one just for the fuck of it and that, Dearest Father in heaven is why we genuflect and eat little slices of bread and talk in old fashioned language and chant and shit … if some Arab did it we’d all be running and ducking for cover and calling 911. Am I right or what?

Heaven just gained another angel. And let me tell you something. I read a tweet today from a motherfucker who says that Paul used to come into a theater he worked with and go play dungeons and dragons and shit with this guys boss. Well if you think that makes you any closer to the tragedy than me well you are wrong kind sir *I* am deeply deeply saddened. Way more deeply saddened than you cause once I ran into Paul at a drugstore and he was sort of checking out the fountain pens and I saw him POCKET ONE so I told him “bro, not cool” and he kind of jumped and said “we all have a little wynona in us” and I said “you are telling me” and he said something about Wynona having a little Paul in her and we laughed and laughed. So I think this is hurting me a little more than you me and TYRESE are gonna write a fucking poem TOP THAT!