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Rich, as a boy


I went over to to see what the “new guy” is all about now that the hack Rich Hammond is gone. I expected to see the same old stuff … updated on what jockstrap Carter was wearing, how the ping pong tourney was going, who is the best at hacky sack and then a whole shitload of pontificating as if he was the eyes and ears of the organization.

What a surprise!

The new guy, I didn’t even read his name, is apparently just reporting the facts! He’s actually giving the fans actual information on the team, instead of just going on and on about his opinion of what he thinks Dean Lombardi’s opinion might be about the attitude of some 3rd liner in Manchester!

Updates on injuries, updates on the trade of Gagne, brief and to-the-point quotes. The guy is full of INFORMATION!!

What a nice change.


He’s listed as a “part time scout” but that’s code for “Really going to run the place again”.

I predict 3 Cups in a row, then he moves on to be Commissioner and immediately forces the King franchise to move to Kansas City.

The glory days are back!