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Guess who the chick hired?

Drew, honey, you better fork over a LOT of money!

This isn’t just some overweight bearded King fan. Some individual guy. No, this is some sort of photo-genius morphing of every King fan into one guy. Trust me on this one, he’s wearing Jean Shorts in this picture, while giving the Devil “hook em horns” salute.


So, on Twitter, I point out that this relic sounds like a cheerleader. Every article she writes now is “Kings Lombard saw this coming” or “Jonathon Quik, WOW again!” or “it’s a polished effort as Kings about to finish off Devils”.

I mean if Dean Lombardi wrote the titles they’d be less enthusiastic (though a lot longer).

At one point I suggested she “put down the pom poms”.

She exploded like, well something old getting really angry. “Real easy to say nasty stuff behind an alias”. That’s always a classic, btw. I mean what’s the point, if I used my own name I wouldn’t think she was being a cheerleader? I would be afraid to say she’s acting all giddy? Or … or is is that if I used my own name she’d kick my ass? She looks strong and big enough to do it, just too old.

She followed up that gem with “consider yourself blocked … and reported”!

I guess she’s gonna report my account to Twitter for saying she acted like a cheerleader. I’m sure they’ll immediately ban me from the internet!

I mean, what is “nasty” about saying this hack reporter is going overboard? Acting like a cheerleader. It’s true! And it’s not nasty. I can be nasty, trust me.

Go fuck yourself Granny.