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The Kings finished out of the playoffs all those years for THIS? The Kings will be paying Richards and Carter until 2021 so that they can finish tied for tenth?


Lets go Canucks!!!

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Beat the LA Shotcount Hero Kings!!!!

Who to Hate More?

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Elmer Mcstupidpants:

Or this asshole:

That asshole (to be) is Justin Schultz. He’s a 20 year old junior at the University of Wisconsin. He was drafted by Boob Murray in 2008. He’s pretty much the consensus best dman in all of college hockey. He’s already put off his NHL career 2 years while he plays at Wisconsin. Now, he’s found a loophole. If he waits till July 1, he becomes an unrestricted free agent. Oops.

Now it’s not as lucrative a deal as you would think. He’ll still have to go through the CBA system of entry level contracts and can’t get some 5 million dollar a year deal. He’ll get the same maximum entry level deal from anyone right now. But he’ll get to choose his team if he waits 10 more weeks.

Bottom line? If he wants to be an ahole all he has to do is to start calling Toronto or NY or Vancouver on July 1. No repercussions. Ducks get no compensation, he gets no fine or penalty, in fact he’ll make a little more money (though just a little) if he makes this move.

Duck fan nation is quickly assembling, news-team style, to defend Blustering Bob, who … well if he didn’t see this coming he’s a fucking ninny. But Duck homers are quick to blame Schultz, and not Bob.

Well look, if Bob has no agreement with the kid, if he’s aware of the “loophole” and he went and fucking traded Jake Gardiner this time last year he’s incompetent. And stupid. And condescending. Mostly bald.

If he has an ‘understanding’ with the kid and he gets screwed, well he’s learning a lesson he should have learned a long time ago.

If he’s been aware of the loophole? Stupid. Unaware? Stupid.

If Schultz pulls this off, trust me on one thing. First game he plays in Anaheim against the Ducks, I’m climbing over the glass and kicking his ass.

Great Night in the West!!

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Avalanche get 2 big points to move ahead of the Kings!

San Jose gets 2 big points to move ahead of the Kings!

Phoenix and Nashville in Shootouts now so each get at least 1 point to stay WAY ahead of the Kings.

11th place!



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Oh this is gonna be great! The Kings, saddled with gigantic contracts for Carter and Richards get blasted by the hapless Columbus Blue Jackets and now they take on the Red WIngs! I hate the Red Wings like shoes hate dogshit, but I am on their side in this one. I hope Kronwall gets a 40 game suspension for ending Doughty’s career and “Quicker” get a stick to the eyeball and Dean Lombardi throws a blood clot. This is the Kings biggest disaster about to happen. All the time, money and stupid accolades for the Kings that can’t win shit, now they ruin the careers of two pretty good hockey players. The jinx of the Kings is real and it’s gonna last forevers!!!