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OK, I’m not actually speechless. I can think of something to say. That something is “what in the hell is wrong with you?” 1) You permanently change your physical appearance to honor a pro sports team? Not the team you played for, or your college team or something you are actually connected with, but a pro sports team you follow? Why not get a Walmart tattoo? Or Farmer Boys? Heck, maybe you already have those. 2) Those are the ugliest tattoos ever. 3) OK, so you are going to pick a pro sports team. How bout you pick one that isn’t the most inept in all of pro hockey, and close to the most inept of any pro sports team of all time? I’m not going out on a limb here. The Cubs have gone forever, but they won it once! The Kings entered the NHL 45 years ago. They have won NEVER.


Author: kingster

“Those clocks are sophisticated instruments that calculate time by measuring electrical charges called coulombs,” explained Kings general manager Dean Lombardi in an email to TSN. “Given the rapidity and volume of electrons that move through the measuring device the calibrator must adjust at certain points which was the delay you see – the delay is just recalibrating for the clock moving too quickly during the 10 – 10ths of a second before the delay – this insures that the actual playing time during a period is exactly 20 minutes. That is not an opinion – that is science – amazing devise quite frankly.”

I’m afraid to bite on this one. I feel like a trout in a stream and I see a nice looking mayfly floating helplessly my way. Does it have some 7x tippet attached and a guy in a pink Orvis shirt on the other end? Or is it real?

Lombardi CAN’T be serious, can he? The clock stopped so it could re-calibrate? So at any given time if you look at the official game clock .. even with like 2.8 seconds left … there could be 2.8 seconds left or their could be maybe 3.8 seconds left? The clock MIGHT just be 1 full second ahead of realtime and we might have to all freeze for, as Dean says, “10 -10’s” of a second for reality to catch the clock?

Dean’s in deep on this one. There’s a Youtube floating around of this happening in a game vs Colorado where the Kings trailed late, earlier in the year. The clock stops there twice in the final five seconds! And the “coulombs” theory is total bullshit cause that’s an arena clock not the official clock and IT STOPS. And the PP clock is on too and it stops, even though it measures only seconds, not tenths of a second.

The idea that this greaseball is floating – that the clock periodically gets a full second ahead of himself. He’s being sarcastic, right? Tell me it’s a joke?

Lifetime Ban?

This one goes right to the top.

I don’t often exploit my sources, and they are many. I am in constant contact with many league and individual team sources on a daily basis in my real job (outside of hosting this blog) with certain off-ice, um “officiating” duties, I think I can safely say. They are a day or two ahead of most trades, discipline rulings, scheduling matters, etc. And they let me in on this because I don’t blab.

But this one is too rich.

If you missed it, the Kings beat the Blue Jackets 3-2 on a “goal” by Drew Doughty scored with either .4 or .6 seconds left … doesn’t matter which because with 1.8 seconds left the Kings timekeeper stopped the clock for a full second! That means Doughty’s no-goal came after regulation time was over! It’s all on film. All verified. The Kings stopped the clock, gained extra time while on a late power play and “won” the game in that extra time.

The shocking part is this – while the league is flying out to investigate this, it’s NOT THE FIRST TIME. Timekeeping irregularities have been reported in LA four times in the last 3 years – complaints have come from 2 Eastern Conference rivals. The investigations to this point have revealed that Lombardi has a close friend appointed to run the clock and despite the previous “issues” has not replaced him!

This one is looking nasty. Stay tuned.

Read about Jackets GM Howson’s thoughts here: