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Here we go …

Author: kingster

There is a new BB in town and this one talks a lot too. Lets see how he melds Dan Sexton, Andrew Gordon and Niklas Hagman into a solid third line.

Bruce Boudreau, who reportedly was roommates with Todd Mclellan on some team years ago (though he looks like Mclellan’s grandpa) is the new head coach of the Duck, replacing another bald guy ┬áin his 50’s that could pass for 74. “Gabby” has been around, reportedly scoring his first NHL goal on an assist from Randy Carlyle. Coaching in Manchester for the LA Kings, and of course, fucking screaming up a blue fucking streak on the fucking hbo series fucking 24/7 last fucking year, fucker.


It should be interesting. Way different personality than Carlyle, but old school and tough guy in the end. A “players coach” is what all the ‘insiders’ are saying. Well, we’ll see how much he’s on the players side when they take 3 straight penalties then come back to the bench slamming the gate. We’ll see how much he’s a players coach when he sees these players.


He’s a little bit psycho from what I’ve seen. Might be just what this team needs.