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This years MVP?

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Over here, Backstrom!


Old time hockey. Getzlaf is bald, ugly, mean and arrogant. He fights, hits, shoots, passes, hell he even plays defense a little. He is the key reason Perry won two trophies last year, and it might be Getzlafs turn.


The Kings have pretenders. Kopitar is a sunken eyesocket tinted visor wearing Euro, and he plays like one. Brown has little skill and RUNS … runs away from fights. Richards is a drunken poser and Doughty a fat prima donna. None of them are old school like Getzlaf and Perry.





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“After nearly nine years, America’s war in Iraq will be over,” President Obama said Friday, announcing full withdrawal of U.S. troops by year’s end.


“Today I can say that our troops in Iraq will definitely be home for the holidays,” he said.



We know you don’t know what a Stanley Cup looks like, let alone a Conn Smythe Trophy. Have a gander, fatboys!


Keep Your Head Up, FATBOY!!

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I smell trouble! It might just be PuckTheDucks and his odor after 3 nights of drinking by himself in an off strip motel, sweating over his bk Doublestack Baconater, Supersized, but I think it’s the smell of Dean Lombardi’s offensive Italian cologne. I love these idiots and their upper body injuries! You know it’s bad when they won’t tell you he sprained his shoulder or whatever. In this case, I’m pretty sure Doughty has a punctured lung and he is going to die!!! FUCK YOU DEAN! I looked it up there is a loophole in the CBA. Even though long term IR might free up cap space, there is no similar provision for death of a player, so if DD dies then you have to keep the hit all those years!


First Ilya gets a free trip to Rodeo drive and has Dean drive his price up about an extra 20 million – the entire time with no inkling of ever playing for the Shotcount Heroes – now this? I think that if you go right now to the arena and look up, you can still find Quick’s jockstrap!


Devils CRUISE in the Shootout, as “Quick” moves  “Slow” on Kovalchuk and Parise, and the stonehanded Shotchount Heroes go 0 for 2.


Dean, it’s going to really come back to bite you. I see you in these season previews talking like you’ve already built a Cup team. Talking about the hard road to get here and how you never once strayed from the plan .. I don’t know, Dean, seems like offering Kovalchuk 85 million was a little bit of a stray you idiot. But anyway, keep in mind you now have one playoff series under your belt, what is it year 6?, and you LOST that round.


Do something, then pop off you guido-acting low rent gangster.


Ilya for Calder!!!



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An arrogant bully and a jerk. This guy didn’t have an evil side, he was all evil. And, of course, the media won’t say so. No one wants to admit he was an arrogant, unlikeable loudmouth.

His firing of Lane Kiffin was a joke. His benching Marcus Allen, pretty much one of the nicest guys ever, was unbelievable. His screwing the City of Irwindale out of 10 million bucks. His screwing the fans of Oakland, then LA … unbelievable. His “us against them” mentality is fine for football ON THE FIELD, but it’s ridiculous off the field.

And look at the fans he attracted. I went to one Raider game when they played at the Coliseum. A preseason game against he Browns. Who cares, right? Well I cared, because I ended up sitting next to  a couple of guys in Browns jerseys. I ended up pelted with shit all night, watched them get in 2 separate shoving matches before finally throwing punches and having about 12 guys in the deal get thrown out. I left voluntarily.


So when he dies, Roger Goodell is on TV talking about all Al did for the league. Holy crap. What Al did for the league was screw Pete Rozelle at every opportunity, conduct himself like he was a mob boss of a second tier family and pretty much do donuts on the NFL’s front lawn for 20 years, all the while dragging the league down with his pathetic team that drew the worst of fans and publicity.

There were 3 “good things” said about him:

1) He was loyal to his players. Yeah, until they crossed him. Ask Lane Kiffin, Marcus Allen and the other countless players and coaches he screwed over.

2) He loved his Raiders. I saw one quote ” you can never take that away from this classy man – the way he loved his Raiders”. LOL. So that is what marks your life, how much you love the football team you own? Al Davis loved the idea of squashing other people. Of treating them rude and unfair and running them over. His love for the “raiders”? Who gives a damn. Georgia Frontiere loves her Rams. Osama Bin Laden loves his Al Quaeda. Plenty of assholes love stuff.

3) He was so great to minorities. YEAH RIGHT! He was great to ASSHOLES! He took in every son of a bitch he could find. True, he didn’t care if they were black or white or just out of jail, all he cared about was that they fought, stole and tried to fuck people up.

He was an asshole. I’m glad he’s dead and so is Roger Goodell. I guess if you think you are in the “media” you can’t say anything bad about a dead guy, but I can. So fuck Al Davis.

Steve Jobs apparently changed everyone’s life. He will probably appear in History Books (or in whatever method they teach people 100 years from now) like an Einstein or something – maybe somewhere between Henry Ford and Einstein. That’s great. He and his company are the greatest success story financially of our time. Last I heard, and I don’t know if it’s true but it sounds true, Apple had more money than the US Treasury.

I love their products. This is being typed on my G5 desktop thingy, and will be viewed later by me on my apple notebook, Ipad, Iphone or all three.


But two things:


The primary thing is this. Who are all these IDIOTS running around sending best wishes to Steve Jobs? Steve Jobs didn’t know you, you didn’t know him, and even if you did .. he’s dead. He can’t access his Ipad to read your most interesting and meaningful thoughts on this “genius” of our time. It drives me batshit crazy to read these idiots who race to the computer the minute a typhoon hits Tanganeishi or some little girl dies in a sex crime or Robert Downey Jr relapses. And when they get there, they express their grief/remorse/best wishes. To who? WHY?

I’ll tell you why. It’s for them to look thoughtful, sincere, intelligent and caring.

Watch out for those assholes. Anyone that has to go around the internet proving how thoughtful and good they are is single-minded and probably evil. Best case they are insincere and stupid.

The thoughtful and caring people? They are out acting thoughtful and caring. They aren’t sending wishes to dead people, offering “hey anything I can do for you bud, you just ask” to some guy across the country they met in a chatroom. They don’t have to tell (or “show”) you how they are good guys. It doesn’t work that way.

One guy is out there tweeting “Apple. Class. #changedmylife.” LOL. The most gigantic corporation in the world is this morons role model. They handle death the “classy” way this guy would. What a fucking saint.

Now here’s the secondary thing. We are heartbroken over a billionaire who by all accounts has created a vast monopoly that helps bored employees waste time, endeared every asshole in the world to “social media”, created a gigantic gap between real life and internet life, and encouraged the 100 mile an hour multitasking asshole driving his I-engineered bmw in the carpool lane, texting his boss while putting a call to schedule his visit to the Applestore on hold. While I am glad as HELL I don’t have to carry a retarded blackberry or work on an always clogging up PC, I still consider Steve Jobs life and death the same way I consider Henry Ford’s life and death. Not a subject for mourn and internet flower bouquets.


Btw, does he look a little pedophilish in that picture Apple is running or what?

The big night of debauchery in Vegas, where he got his butt handed to him 4-1, ended in Puck the Ducks telling this HYSTERICAL story about how he couldn’t remember his room number (probably had 1 too many cosmos out of a plastic bag in Doug W8’s room)  and ended up trying to open random doors in his hotel. Well he NAMES the hotel .”America’s Best Value Inn”. Now I always make fun of the idiots that go to Vegas and say shit like “they probably stayed in the strip-adjacent super 8”, but that’s what this fat, dancing chick magnet did. This is a strip adjacent MOTEL where I’m guessing he got 4 to a room at 49 dollars a night, with some coupon deal bringing it down to 29 a night. Split 4 ways, he probably paid 22.50!


This is a grown man, allegedly with a job and he travels a lot and is like a regular adult. And he stays here in Vegas:



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1    2    3    T
Kings           0    0    1    1
Avalanche    2    2    0    4

1    2    3    T
Kings              2    6    6    14
Avalanche      8    19    3    30

Kings: 1 for 5
Avalanche: 2 for 3

First Period: COL, Duchene (Hejduk, Johnson), 12:29; COL, Stastny (unassisted), 13:23.
Second Period: COL, Duchene (Hejduk, Johnson), 11:47 PPG; COL, Jones (Quincey) 12:16, PPG.
Third Period: LA, Gagne (Kopitar), 0:54, PPG.

First Period: COL, Jones (tripping), 10:06, COL; Hejduk (interference), 17:05; LA, Voynov (hooking), 19:41.
Second Period: LA, Greene (hooking), 10:38; LA, Richardson (hooking), 10:53; COL, O’Brien (roughing), 20:00; COL, Quincey (roughing), 20:00; LA, Mitchell (roughing), 20:00.
Third Period: COL, Hejda (hooking), 5:52; COL, O’Byrne (interference), 7:19; COL, McLeod (roughing), 15:11; COL, McLeod (10-min misconduct), 15:11; COL, Bordeleau (10-min misconduct), 15:11; LA, Richardson (roughing), 15:11; LA, Richardson (10-min misconduct), 15:11.

Kings:    Quick (26-30), 60:00 minutes
Avalanche: Varlamov (13-14), 60:00 minutes

11, 478 (sellout)

1. COL – Duchene
2. COL – Hejduk
3. COL – Johnson


You know, this Rich Hammond moron has me thinking … and I’ve figured out now exactly what it is about the internet that I think I hate so much.


It’s a fake environment, pretending to be real.


Hammond, who clearly is now simply a PR honk for the Kings, still claims to be the “insider”. He still claims to be a reporter. He still claims to be independent. His “blog” still claims autonomy, and he considers it risky and cutting edge to have a comment page for fans to write in (which is, of course, heavily moderated). The truth, of course, is that Hammond is not allowed to say anything bad about the Kings, he doesn’t say anything bad about the Kings. He’s not allowed to let anyone on his blog page ask about Luc Robitaille’s house or Heidi Androl’s drinking or Mark Hardy’s sexual escapades. He’s not allowed to question anything financial. Anything of any real controversy on the ice or off … gets deleted or never posted. He gets glad handed by Luc and even Dean and Nick Nickson, and, well, he laps it up like a puppy! He thinks (and tells everyone) that this is because these guys are just swell guys who really like him and have taken him under their wing. That’s why he, a stupid former beat reporter, is on the air in between periods being asked actual hockey questions – he thinks it’s because they value his input, but in fact it’s because HE SELLS TICKETS. He’s the PR guy, directed to work on King social media alongside, apparently, the alleged drug using alleged house burner allegedly named rinkrat. They give him credibility, help create this ridiculous image that he’s a REPORTER … LOL … and ….. look, did any of these guys talk to him when he was with the actual Newspaper? NO! Because he was a goofy looking nerdy dipshit in a dying industry asking softball questions like a child at Disneyland.

Think of this. He bills himself as a reporter, there to ask the hard questions without interference from the team. Yet , yet he bills himself as the “Insider”. How can you be a hard hitting reporter and be on the “inside” at the same time? It’s like being an egg, and a rock. I am smart, but dumb. They are opposite things, Rich.

Well, look. The reality is simple. He’s a guy they hired for probably 50k a year, twice what he made at the SGV Trbibune before, and have him be in charge of some new social media deal, the same way Adam Brady is for the Ducks or The Dallas Cowboy Cheerleaders are for the Cowboys. Fine, whatever. The issue I have is this. The Kings have just created this version of reality that isn’t real. The “insider” is inside the way that the old guy with the glasses that does the Magic Mountain / Six Flags ads is on the “inside”. The people in the “community” of posters are not a real community. They are fake. They can’t say what they want, they can’t say it to who they want and if their maniacal rantings were exposed to the real world they’d be back in the real world – fat, slovenly, unemployed and loved only by their fat, slovenly mothers.

The same is true of most on-line environments, and it’s exactly what bothers me. The internet is NOT reality. And I don’t mean in a “Call of Duty” game-playing way, I mean in real life. Social media isn’t real. You don’t talk in 140 character utterances. You don’t get saved by a moderator if someone is mean to you. I have one person on Facebook that says the most ridiculous patriotic, religious shit EVERY day. Every day. Everything is related to our Lord and the shining beacon of wondefullness that is our country. Well you know what? First of all that person couldn’t say that shit in public or she’d be committed to an asylum. I mean it’s real out-there stuff and anyone normal freaks out 5 minutes into a conversation with her. But more important and to the point, she is the meanest, nastiest, most mean-spirited person I know. Everything she is saying, regardless of if she believes it, is total horseshit.


Maybe it’s good. Maybe we need Rich Hammond and my Facebook “friend” to have this alternative reality – a place where you can be a social misfit, a big gangly half retarded freak, but accepted as the leader of the “insiders”. Maybe nasty ugly people need some outlet for whatever tiny good thing (expressed so freakishly) is in their soul. Maybe that way they don’t go postal on cool people like me!


HERE IS THE IDIOTS LATEST BLOG POST … the “INSIDER” bringing you up to the minute information about the Kings that only a jocksniffing athlete stalker could want:

Well, we made it. I have no idea if I’m supposed to be wide-awake or sleepy, hungry or full, and I only have a slight grasp on what day and time it is, but according to my computer it’s around 10:45 a.m. in Los Angeles, so good morning everyone.

The flight from Las Vegas to Hamburg was comfortable. A huge plane, with players getting first-class seating and the rest of the staff/travelers essentially getting an entire row to themselves. I’m not totally sure how long I slept — estimate would be somewhere in the range of four hours — but you couldn’t ask for anything better than what we had. “Breakfast” on the plane was served around 4 p.m. Germany time, so I’m not sure what to make of that, and the body clock will need a little adjustment.