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So the ultimatum was only a “what if”??? LOL.


Dean Lombardi has proven once again that he’s a FAKE wannabe Soprano star. The quotes were CLEAR. Doughty will make NO MORE than Kopitar and he’ll take 7 years.




Instead of 7 years, 6.8 and right at Kopy’s contract, he gets 8 years 7 million. What’s the difference? Well tell it any way you want, but Doughty now gets MORE than Kopitar.


And the real way to slice it is this. Dean’s DROP DEAD NUMBER was 47.6 for 7 years. Instead Doughty got  56 for 8. I’ll do the math for you ….


Doughty got 8.4 million for that extra UFA year. Way to hold the line, Dean. The guy won’t take your ultimatum so you offer him one more year at 8.4!!! A fatso that held out on you!!


Here’s the message: If you are negotiating with Dumbo Dumbardi, wait till the very last possible minute becuase he PANICS and folds his tent!!!!!

The latest entry into the “I can have a career just like Sean Avery” found out what happens when you try and go knee to knee on one of the Duck star, then fight the Captain, while refusing to fight the ‘fighters’. The Duck brings the fight to you. Watch this little man get jumped and then SHREDDED.



More on Dean Dumbardi

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Have any of the screaming maniacs from Kingland asked this simple question: “Has Lombardi offered Doughty any contract that is for less than 7 years?”


I mean, because this negotiation is NOT over the remaining 200k a year as Dumbo would have Kingsters believe . It’s over the UFA years that Doughty (and no one in the NHLPA) wants him to give up.
Why does Doughty have to sign away every one of his valuable years … particularly those first several UFA years … because Dean says so? Why can’t DD just negotiate for the years left on his current RFA status?


Unless and until I hear that Dumbardi is in fact making offers based on Doughty’s preferred TERM of the contract – how many years its for – then the hold up is all Dumbo’s fault. If you want a guy to give up UFA years, you have to pay him like a UFA. And you know what else, even if you offer him that money, he doesn’t HAVE to take it. He can wait and see where the CBA is, what deals are like 4 years from now.


You idiots calling Doughty names forget that we lost a full season of hockey for the NHLPA to get the UFA age reduced. They gave up and allowed a salary cap in exchange for that right. Dean is trying to double up on this deal and Meehan and Doughty are calling him on it. Fuck him.




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And this is why we are so proud:




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Forget all the histrionics in Kingland. Forget the fat out-of-work slobs going on the internet and telling Doughty he has to take Dean’s offer if he wants to be a leader and gain the “respect of the boys in the dressing room”. Forget it.
Here’s what is happening, and it’s like no one gets it.


We lost a season. The season (04/05) was lost while the owners stood firm to get “cost certainty”, an obvious euphemism for a salary cap. The players bargained long and hard, lost a lot of money and ended up holding on to a few things.


PROBABLY the most important thing they got was this UFA deal. Now I forget the exact clause, but for guys like Stamkos, Doughty, etc, it means that at age 27 they can become Unrestricted Free Agents. They can bargain with every team, and if the NY Islanders want to give Drew Doughty 120 million for 10 years, they can do it. It changes EVERYTHING. Regardless of how much you might think a guy has an inflated salary at 6 million a year, his market value is at least 50% greater if he has the right to shop his services league-wide.


In this Doughty fiasco, Lombardi doesn’t want Doughty to have that power at age 27. It’s the prime of an NHL players career. Lombardi wants to own his rights at age 27, 28 29, 30. Doughty KNOWS that even though he can get 6 or 7 million this year, those years at age 27-32 are his greatest earnings years, because he’ll be an UNRESTRICTED free agent.


So Doughty’s agent  Meehan literally says “fuck you” to Lombardi. We’ll give up maybe ONE of those years, but if so you have to pay him as a UFA. I mean you are asking him to give up a UFA year. WE LOST AN ENTIRE SEASON BARGAINING FOR THAT YEAR.


It’s a trick, is what it is. The owners said “hey we’ll give you UFA status at age 27” then as soon as the players said “Sweet, we got a deal” the owners started telling the big time RFA’s that they have to sign these 9 year deals, GIVING UP THOSE UFA YEARS THEY BARGAINED FOR. Now, you say, “well fine, the players don’t have a gun to their head” but in a sense they do. Doughty can’t say “forget it Kings, I’ll go elswehere.” He has to deal with Dean.


Is the price fair? Listen closely: NO! NO it’s not. Drew Doughty makes the Kings more than 6.8 million a year. Period, paragraph. The Kings are stupid, but they are run by an ownership group that values money. If you are a slob reading this from your cubicle saying “hey in this economy….” just shut the fuck up right now because in this economy the Kings are still getting 100 bucks a ticket, big money in the suites. They are still selling jerseys and popcorn and 12 dollar beer. They can do it because they have players like Doughty and Kopitar. And if they said “fine Drew, get out of here we release you sign with whoever you want” there would be 29 teams making trades and cutting players in order to bid on this guy and the offers would be MORE.


SO shut the fuck up. Stay out of this. The players bargained for the right to control what team they played for and how much they earned at age 27 and the owners agreed to it in 2005. Now the owners are trying to take that back. Bullshit.

Make ’em pay, fatboy!!!

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Oh my lord there is some serious hand-wringing tonight over Drew Doughty! Everyone reporting that Donuts turned down a 7 year, 6.7 million dollar contract. Even the dancing fairy who holds a baseball bat crosshanded and couldn’t throw a basketball high enough to hit the hoop is calling him out in a spirited attempt to persuade Drew to sign. See, apparently Drew is going to read Matt Ferry’s “blog” and that will influence him, see? Cause no one knows who Matt Fairy is except for some fat turds in jean shorts and they all know he doesn’t know shit about hockey, has no connections etc. I know it’s very confusing, but apparently DD is gonna go on line, seek out the advice of some idiot failed child actor who writes a blog! Because .. well … for no good reason. The idiot knows nothing about hockey, negotiating, sports agents or anything beyond who might be in the next season of the Kardashian show.


But get this. What he says is FIRE YOUR AGENT .. fire the guy that has you turning down nearly forty seven million dollars because I guess getting you a 47 million dollar offer is lame????


So here is some more of his “logic”. He says that Doughty should just give up the 3 years of UFA status and sign for the Kings price because if not he might end up like Rob Blake, booed all the time or … worse yet he says consider:


“Players say that sort of stuff doesn’t effect them, but look at what happened to three players over the summer, Drew. It DOES effect them.”

(by the way, DIPSHIT, you should have used “affect” not “effect”. Effect is a noun almost always, affect a verb. The “effect” of the fans booing might be one thing but it “affects” players in a certain way. If you had more than a GED, you’d know this).

OK settle down there, lady! Are you saying Drew Dougthy might commit suicide? No? Well then what does this stupid line mean? Did Belak, Rypien and Boogard take pills and kill themselves because they were booed? Because some tiny little man on an internet blog wrote them “Dear Drew” letters? What a stupid fucking point. Maybe you should tell DD that he might die in a Russian plane crash too? I mean that has as much to do with his signing or not signing a contract as Derek Boogard’s death does! Holy shit if someone is gonna die could you please get some of RR’s kidney stones, high blood pressure and die of that? Please? Let me tell you this, prancing boy, Drew Doughty’s agent has Dean Lombardi right by the short hairs. Lombardi has now handed down some Guido style mob edict and let it slip publicly despite the claims by both sides that they would NEVER go to the press. He’s trying to rile up the idiot fans (worked with you, huh bloggerboy?) and get them on his side so they’ll what? So that Doughty will worry about getting booed?

Do you think that plan is gonna work? Doughty is going to give up 2 years of his unrestricted free agency life in order to get the fans on his side? Do you have a concept of the kind of contract DD gets when he’s a UFA? Try 70 million plus! Dancing Matt himself speculates (geeze he’s dumb) that Doughty will get 15 mill a year, so Idiot boy says JUST TAKE THE 6 a year and give up 2 or 3 of those years. And then … and then this goober does the math and says that if he takes the long term deal it’s only gonna cost him 4.7 mill. First of all, ONLY????? ONLY 4.7 million? Fuck. Second of all, DO THE MATH AGAIN YOU EFFEMINATE RETARD. If he loses out on 1 UFA year at 15 mill, that’s an 8.3 million dollar hit. Miss two? 16.6! Miss out on three? 24.9 million bucks. THROW AWAY 25 million bucks just to ‘get her done’ and show the fans you are committed to the team? COMMITTED is what ought to be done to this lying dancing half -a-chick idiot!!!!


Anyway, I hope Doughty holds out. To me, the more money the players get, and the less the owners get … the better. Eff the Owners. I pay to see the players.


Doughty has the idiotkings over a barrel and I love it. He is a very good young defenseman, but he’s not a generational player. He’s not Scott Neidermayer, he’s not Chris Pronger, he’s not Nick Lidstrom and he’s not even Rob Blake. This is a win-win situation for Duck fans. If he forces a trade, HA! If they sign him to a 9 year deal, HA again! If they only get him for 5 years then their stupid GM will look like a spaghetti-stained WOP once again! WIN WIN WIN!


Go Duck!


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I heard he dropped 70 lbs and now wants to be called Queensize. Keep your head on a swivel, boys.

Are you people done yet?

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All you internet grievers? Are you done with your sorrow and pain? Have you been able to “wrap your head around” it (a phrase I saw twitted and retwitted by twits all day long) yet? The Russian tragedy?


For crying out loud. None of you knew Ruslan Salei. He’s not gonna come party with you at your Garden Grove condo, OK? Not while he was alive and certainly not now. Posing for pictures laying flowers at the feet of the Wild Wing statue? Are you fucking kidding me? I will kick you in the nuts, OK? Chinese fighting star to each of your sternums. Calling for all fans and “players” to meet at the Wild Wing statue? Listen, ladies, the players are not going to come down there and throw back a Coors Light with you. They aren’t going to start following you on Twitter because you are some great emotional caring person who “feels for the family”. Fuck all you guys.


You want to retire his number? Because he died a tragic death? Come on.


Listen, everyone has their horrors. If you don’t, count yourself lucky cause trust me the little roulette ball is gonna land on your number one day, same as it has for nearly everyone else. It’s fine that this affects you and it’s fine that it saddens you. But get some fucking perspective, OK? Don’t try to glom off this and get your picture in the paper, or become the head guy of a new Twitter club that mourns players better than the other NHL fans mourn players.


If you want a cause, take up the cause for children killed in war. Cancer research. THOUSANDS of people die tragically every day. Same as with Ruslan Salei, you don’t know any of them either. Get it together you puny little creeps.


Nice trade, Dumbo!!!

It looks like Tuesday night at that roller hockey rink in Corona.