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Look at them CHOPPERS!!!

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Horsetooth Jackass!

The jackass brays again! Dean Dumbo Dumbardi can’t stop Ryan Smyth from declaring “I bleed Oiler Blue” and is forced to trade him. He blows it the first time trading for the injured Gilbert Brule, then he blows it a second time, now actually completing the stupidest trade yet.

Captain Canada. You have a team dying to get to the cap floor, a team that is home to this guy Smyth, they love him and he loves them. And you have Captain Canada to offer. And you get Colin Fraser????

Pretty stupid right?

Well not stupid enough for Dean Lombardi. Fraser has a destroyed foot. He needs surgery. He’ll be out 4 months!!!!

No problem, Dean says, we’ll buy him out! BZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ wrong again you blowhard wanna be mafiosa pinhead! He’s got a clause in his contract! You gotta pay him while he sits you MORON!!!!!!!

Go Kings Go!!

Paul Kariya, the tiniest little elf of all, has had to retire. He can unstuff his mattress now. It’s undoubtedly full of 83 million one dollar bills he collected in his pathetic, cherry-picking, backstabbing, ungrateful, soft career. Fuck you Paul I hope you get dizzy and fall off a cliff.


Ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha!

This just in!!

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Lombardi trades for Alexi Yashin and Rick DiPietro!

Hello Kingsters!!

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The NHL is still stupid

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The “new” head hit rule is better, but still stupid.

The history, as far as is relevant, is that for YEARS commentators, on-ice officials and league office dorks have been saying “we are trying to cut back on head hits” but they never put in a rule. You would hear Jim Fox explain why something was or was not a penalty because the “league is looking to crack down on head hits and lessen concussions” but there was never a rule. Then they put in this stupid “lateral blind side” language, added some tough-guy sounding “north/south” language and announced the problem solved. Until some guy got his clock cleaned behind the net on a clear hit from the blind side and the dopes said it’s OK cause that’s a “hitting zone”. To which, anyone paying attention said “Whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaat?”

Now they have taken out “lateral blindside” and “north south” and say all purposeful head hits are illegal.

OK, great! Why didn’t you say that 10 years ago. But nevermind, finally you got it right.

Wait. The NHL is too stupid to leave it at that. They “anticipate” the situation where someone falls awkwardly or changes direction and gets hit in the head … and they don’t want that to be a penalty so they’ve added language saying you can call a head hit legal if the player put himself in the position to be hit in the head.


You don’t need that. You said “purposeful” head hits (or they said intentional, whatever). The ref has discretion already to say “he didn’t target the head, he targeted the shoulder and you fell”. You don’t need that extra language, and you just watch. The first concussion that occurs when a guy hits a guy in the head from right in front of him is going to get ruled legal because the guy “put himself in that position”. The team with the offending player is gonna send 3 lawyers to make Brendan Shanahan let the player off the hook and we will be back to re-writing the rule.

It’s really very simple. If you want to eliminate or greatly reduce head hits period, make them illegal, regardless of intent. If you want to reduce intentional head hits and allow “accidental” ones, then make intentional head hits illegal. There is not any more to it that that, and the more convoluted you make the rule, the stupider and more inconsistent it gets enforced.

My opinion is that an open ice hit to the shoulder, torso, waist …. that’s hockey and it’s a check and it’s legal. Hitting a guy in the head should not be. What is the benefit to players, fans or the league of seeing guys knocked out cold? Nothing, unless you just like seeing guys get fucked up. And if that is what it’s all about, go watch MMA.

Make it like high-sticking. If you have to be responsible for where your stick goes, you have to be responsible for what part of the body you hit. Any check to the head is a penalty.

Here’s the text I got off TSN.CA. Stupidity:

A penalty for an illegal check to the head will be assessed for a hit resulting in contact with an opponent’s head where the head is targeted and the principal point of contact. The qualifying terms “lateral or blind side” for such hits have been deleted.

A hit resulting in contact with an opponent’s head where the head is targeted and the principal point of contact is not permitted. However, in determining whether such a hit should have been permitted, the circumstances of the hit, including whether the opponent put himself in a vulnerable position immediately prior to or simultaneously with the hit or the head contact on an otherwise legal body check was unavoidable, can be considered.


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This from ….

Could Ryan Smyth be returning to the Edmonton Oilers in order to finish his career with the team that selected him in the first round of the 1994 entry draft?

A deal certainly isn’t imminent and won’t necessarily be an easy transaction for either the Los Angeles Kings or Oilers to close, but sources tell TSN the 35-year-old left winger has indicated to the Kings his preference would be to play next season in Edmonton if a trade can be worked out.

As much as the potential return of Smyth, a.k.a. Captain Canada, to Edmonton might warm the hearts of sentimentalists who so closely identify the mop-haired veteran with the Oiler franchise, there are some practical reasons why it won’t be an easy deal to facilitate and there’s no guarantee it will happen at all.

For starters, Smyth is an integral part of the Kings’ offence. He scored 23 goals and 47 points in 82 games this past season. He’s fourth on the team in goals and points and he still averaged 18:02 of icetime per game last season, third most (behind only Anze Kopitar and Dustin Brown) amongst L.A. forwards.

In other words, the Kings, who are desperately seeking to upgrade their top-six forward positions, aren’t about to give away Smyth for nothing. Yet they also realize market value for a 35-year-old, even one as productive is Smyth, is fairly limited.

Smyth is on the final year of a contract that will pay him $4.5 million this season although the cap hit is $6.25 million. The finances of all of this may also be an issue for the Oilers.

Sources say the Oilers’ management team may only be lukewarm to the idea of Smyth returning “home.” The reality is that the Oilers are in a major rebuilding phase and going with a youth movement. Adding $4.5 million to the payroll, with a $6.25 million cap hit, for a 35-year-old forward, even one with the local marquee value of Smyth, isn’t a slam dunk unless the Oilers can offload some salary.

But financial considerations aside, the Oilers ultimately have to decide whether they want Smyth at this stage of his career. Some believe he’s precisely the type of veteran mentor who would do a good job working alongside the Oilers’ youngsters. Others aren’t so sure of the merits of a potential homecoming.

The Kings and Oilers have not had substantive trade talks by any means, but both organizations are well aware of the existing situation. That is, in a perfect world, Smyth has indicated he would like to return “home” to the Edmonton Oilers.

Where it goes from here, if anywhere, remains to be seen.


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Stupid fans have been clamoring for a Paul Kariya return, and now Bob Murray is indicating he’s interested. I guess ripping Anaheim off for 50 million bucks already isn’t enough for this little, tiny, soft cherry-picker. He wants to come back so he can refuse to come off the ice when the other goalie is pulled? So he can flit around at the far blueline waiting for an outlet pass while everyone else plays defense?

This guy sucks. He’s concussed. He’s tiny. He’s selfish and he’s a fucking jerk. NO NO NO!!!


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Hey, assholes!

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Who do you think the Kings will draft in the first round this year?



Oh, yeah sorry. Forgot, the always forward-thinking “build it from the back end” and “build it right” genius Dean Dumbardi traded this years first rounder for Dustin Donuts Penner! Well look, that’s building from the back end if you are looking for the guy with the biggest ass in the league.
But not to worry, they can just use their #13 overall pick from 2008 to trade up this year for someone else’s first round pick. What’s that you say? They traded Colton Teubert the rough and tumble 13th overall sure fire Dman? What’d they get for him, some stud second line center or a great Dman? What? They traded Teubert AND their first round pick for fat boy Penner?


Then maybe they can use next years 2nd round pick to move up this year ….. what???!!!! They traded a 1st, a 2nd and a great prospect for a year and a half of the human ice melting machine????