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2 goals tonight in forcing a game 7! He’s got 6 goals, 11 assists in the playoffs! That makes him the 5th leading scorer in the league.

It’s OK though, the Kings got Jeff Halpern for him. They’d have been better off with Jim Halpert. Morons!!!

What a joke. Luc Robitaille now claims that his auctioning off of all his memorabilia – not just some trinkets, but stuff like the puck he scored his 500th goal with .. the puck from #600 … from #611. He’s now saying that “part” of the proceeds go to his charity? Interesting since there is NO MENTION OF THIS ON HIS CHARITY website and there is no mention of “CHARITY” on the auction website.

It’s just another scumbag King scam.

…. well that was lame. Here’s a 28 year old multimillionaire who is found alone, dead. No sign of struggle, no indication he’s having any life threatening “head” symptoms. He’s a participant in the NHL’s substance abuse program … and the News tries to find a story. Could the fighting have killed him in his sleep? Can I make a name for myself exposing the corrupt NHL?

Nice try idiot, he died from an “accidental” mixture of Oxycodone and Alcohol” … ¬†code for ¬†Overdose.

And if I hear one more reporter or hockey fan WHO NEVER MET BOOGARD IN THEIR LIVES talk about how tragic this is and what a great guy he was, I’m gonna punch them harder than Boogard punched Fedoruk that one time.

Well, it was my contention a while back, and it seems to be true. Here he is, a guy constantly in communication with Luc Robitaille. A guy whose JOB WAS CREATED by Luc, who was interviewed and hired by Luc. And a guy who claimed over and over (and even headlines his “about this blog” snippet with) that his work is not subjected to review or comment by the team. A guy who repeatedly claims he is not a “fan” and will not mince words when discussing the teams problems.

And Luc Robitaille, his boss, ends up in financial trouble, defaulting on a home loan .. now allegedly because of his connection to a jailed financial scam artist … he’s the PRESIDENT OF BUSINESS OPERATIONS and he’s in this ohh so vulnerable, ohh so public FORECLUSURE jam.

And Rich has NOT ONE WORD about it. He blogs about 17 times a day. He gives you the line combos from practice, the results of ping pong tournaments and “inside” looks at Jim Fox’s wine selection and birthday party, but he won’t comment on Luc Robitaille’s foreclosure?

I told you so!

He gave up any claim to being a journalist the day he took a paycheck from the Kings. What a FARCE!

Kings = Scumbags

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Consider ..


Luc Robitaille isn’t making his mortgage payments and the BANK IS FORECLOSING ON HIS HOUSE!


UPDATED .. here’s a list of things Robitaille has up for auction! This guy is PRESIDENT OF BUSINESS OPERATIONS OF YOUR FRANCHISE? LOLOLOL!!!


Luc Robitaille’s 1998-99 Los Angeles Kings 500th NHL Goal Puck
-Luc Robitaille’s 1993 Los Angeles Kings Stanley Cup Finals Signed Game-Worn Jersey
-Luc Robitaille’s Los Angeles Kings Signed Game-Used Stick from 1993 Stanley Cup Finals
-Luc Robitaille’s Signed Career Game-Used Stick Collection of 8
-Luc Robitaille’s 1997-98 Los Angeles Kings Signed Game-Worn Jersey
-Luc Robitaille’s 1999-2000 Los Angeles Kings Signed Game-Worn Jersey from 1000th Game
-Luc Robitaille’s 1993-94 Los Angeles Kings Signed Game-Used Stick from 40th Goal of Season
-Luc Robitaille’s Early Los Angeles Kings Game-Used Equipment, Collection of 4
-Luc Robitaille’s Early-1990s Los Angeles Kings Game-Used Equipment Collection of 5
-Luc Robitaille’s 1990s Los Angeles Kings Game-Used Equipment, Collection of 4
-Luc Robitaille’s 1992-93 Los Angeles Kings 60th, 62nd and 63rd Goals NHL Left Wing Record Goal Pucks
-Luc Robitaille’s 1992-93 Los Angeles Kings 123rd and 124th Points NHL Record Puck, Collection of 2
-Luc Robitaille’s 1992-93 Los Angeles Kings 600th NHL Point Goal Puck
-Luc Robitaille’s 1991-92 Los Angeles Kings 40th Goal Puck and 1993-94 40th Goal Puck Collection of 2
-Luc Robitaille’s 1987-88 Los Angeles Kings Hat Trick / 4 Points Goal Puck and 50th Puck and Team-Signed Frame
-Luc Robitaille’s 1998-99 Los Angeles Kings 501st NHL Goal Puck
-Luc Robitaille’s 2003-04 Los Angeles Kings Game-Worn Jersey
-Luc Robitaille’s 2005-06 Los Angeles Kings Game-Worn Jersey from 668th and Last NHL Goal and Game-Used Stick
-Luc Robitaille’s 2005-06 Los Angeles Kings Game-Worn Captain’s Jersey from Last Home Game and Last Games Game-Used Stick
-Luc Robitaille’s 2005-06 Los Angeles Kings Last Game-Worn Helmet and Game-Used Stick from Last Games
-Luc Robitaille’s 1990s Los Angeles Kings Game-Used Equipment, Collection of 4
-Luc Robitaille’s 1994-95 Pittsburgh Penguins 400th NHL Goal Puck
-Luc Robitaille’s 1994-95 NHLPA Signed Game-Worn Jersey
-Luc Robitaille’s 1994-95 Pittsburgh Penguins Game-Used Equipment, Collection of 4
-Luc Robitaille’s 1994 Team Canada Game-Used Team-Signed Stick, Framed Team Photo and Laminated Photo Montage
-Luc Robitaille’s 2002-03 Detroit Red Wings Goal Puck


Add that to Joe Corvo beating up a girl.

Heidi Androl driving home from a King event … totally shitfaced driving 15 mph and she leaves in front of all the king execs and they let her drive home drunk, then sweep it under the carpet.

Mark Hardy has sex with his own daughter in a hotel room!

Bruce Mcnall Bankrupts the team in the same year he gives Gretzky a Rolls Royce in a big on ice production!

Mcnall also requires his season ticket holders to put deposits on their tickets for the next season … BEFORE he refunds the unused playoff ticket money!

Dan Cloutier gets put up in a SUPER EIGHT MOTEL for his surgery …. and they claim all the good places were booked. And this is outside Denver, a city Anschutz practically owns?

Luc Robitaelle made 35 million dollars in his career. He probably is on commission with the notoriously “frugal” Kings, and since he wasn’t at Tanners funeral selling tickets, he got cut off.

This organization makes Al Quaeda look like good guys.



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Is there any team that has ever choked so bad, so often?

2006 Lose 4 straight to Oilers
2007 Lose 3 straight to Wings
2008 Lose 3 straight to Dallas
2009 Presidents Cup winners lose to the 8 seed
2010 Lose 4 straight to Chicago
2011 Lose 4 straight to Wings after going up 3-0?

Historic. All you idiots that use “epic” and “totally epic”? This is where the word actually fits. If the Sharks lose game 7 that is EPIC.

Look, Hockey sucks. I’m glad the Duck are out of the playoffs because the playoffs suck. Look at it this way:


1. Suspensionmania? What the hell was going on in the first round? The discrepancy in suspensions was completely stupid. The NHL saying “that’s not a suspension because the player was in a hitting zone” might the the stupidest explanation since “well, sorry, I thought Dustin Penner would hustle here, that’s why I gave up Teubert, a first and a third”.


2. The “coolest” thing about the playoffs is the green men?


3. The stupid teams are all winning. Caps are losing. San Jose looks like they’ll match up against Vancouver? Why don’t you just light a torch, hold me down and shove it up my ass?


4. Playoff Beards? This has become a stupider tradition than the Detroit octopus. It was clever at first, but now the FANS grow playoff beards? The announcers (Jim Fox)? Come on.


5. Twitter “wars”? Seriously. That’s the big news “have you seen Ryan Whitney and Joffrey Lupuls twitter comments, HYSTERICAL, bro”. How bout this? STFU.


6. Jeremy Roenick. I used to love this guy as a player, but what an uninformed egomaniac.


7. Rinkrat still alive?


8. Goalie masks, and the fans that adore them. These airbrushed pieces of garbage don’t belong on an old stucco wall in La Puente, let alone on the ice. Just put on a helmet and play the game.