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According to Lance Pugmire of the Los Angeles Times, Penner agreed that “cold” is a good description for the trade, describing it as “an “eye-opener for a lot of guys and the fans.” He added: “They look for reasons in some cases for a guy to provide loyalty. It’s obviously not reciprocated.”

Penner scored scored 13 goals and added 19 assists for the Ducks while playing alongside Corey Perry and Ryan Getzlaf, and said while there are “many ways” to look at the move, he’s trying to see it as one wherein he was being embraced by a new team rather than slighted by the old.

“It’s the same cliche,” Penner said. “I have a lot of friends on that team, won a Cup here [in 2007], blah, blah, blah.… [Being traded] is part of the job, a tough underbelly most don’t see.”

Ducks head coach Bruce Boudreau acknowledged several Ducks were surprised by the news, adding Penner was “well liked” while offering this assessment of his play: “When he’s moving his legs, he’s real good. … There were times when he was standing around.”

Penner has registered one assist in seven games with the Capitals, and said Tuesday’s game will be “a big step” in the transition to Washington, temporary as it may be considering his status as an impending unrestricted free agent. As such, he’ll no doubt be hoping to net his first goal with his new team on the ice at the Honda Center.

REALLY? You show up so fat and out of shape you get your 2 plus million a year and are healthy scratched for the opener? You float around all season cherry picking. Then you “expose the dark underbelly” of the game and “open the fans eyes” when they see that even the great Dustin Penner can be traded? EVERY COACH you have ever had has healthy scratched you repeatedly, and WORSE, they’ve gone public with the reason – you are too lazy.

Shut the fuck up.



It looks like a scene out of some penitentiary movie. The worst fans ever. Did someone steal your pony you crybabies?



Oh Snap!

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Hockey - Latvia

Cheap is Cheap

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I mean it never gets old I guess. Looking for a “deal”. Evaluating wine taste based on if you paid 4.99 or 5.99 for the bottle. Going to restaurants based on who has the best happy hour prices and ordering a bunch of appetizers right at 5:59 pm. Going on a hockey bbs to find the cheapest way to take your kids on a weekend trip:

“Got a cabin in Sugarloaf for February as Wifey has been wanting to go snowboarding with the kids. Anyone know some ways to save some dough for lift tickets and/or equipment rental or any other tips or advice to do it on the cheap?”


I guess the world needs ditch diggers and all, but for crying out loud does everything have to be “on the cheap”?

SHIT LIST – Lisa Dillman

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Fucking IDIOTS!! Now Lisa Dillman blocks me too? What the fuck is the matter with people? You know why she blocked me? Because I pointed out that ONLY NOW does 99 come back to the NHL when they paid him the extra 7 million he demanded from Phoenix.

Lets remember, 99 made 75 million dollars in his tenure as Phoenix’s coach. During that tenure, they DID NOT MAKE THE PLAYOFFS ONCE. He was a bumbling idiot as a coach, getting two minute minors for submitting the wrong line up on multiple occasions and then runs book through Tocchet in the locker room.


Wayne STEALING 70 Million from that franchise (most of the league’s coaches were in the 1 mill per year zone at that time) is one of the PRIMARY REASONS they lost 360 million, had to file for bankruptcy and had to have the NHL take the franchise over. The other PRIMARY reason? A scouting staff led by Wayne’s brother KEITH GRETZKY and the WORST FUCKING COACH IN THE NHL keeping them out of the playoffs.


To be fair, Wayne only made something like 40 or 50 million as coach. The rest was RETURN on his INVESTMENT as part owner. You tell me how the fuck you make all that money on a company that goes BANKRUPT. He learned well from Mr Mcnall, I guess.

Not one reporter in LA will even ask a question about it. And worse than that, they BLOCK you on twitter if you bring it up! Morons. Go report Dean Dumbardi lying to you or Bruce Boudreau saying we are sending Andersen to the AHL to get more work when they have a back to back coming up and he goes down and SITS THE BENCH. Dimwits. John Feinstein is rolling over in his grave.IMGP0337


… but he knows how to open a good Steak Restaurant.


I have long contended that among King fans, those who think they are the smartest are actually the stupidest. Those who think they can write a game story (Carla Muller) have the grammar skills of a 2nd grader. Those who claim to be “insiders” (Rich Hammond) are actually pencil neck jock sniffers who the GM purposely lies to in order to sway a trade. Those who claim to be watching their weight are over 300lbs and those who claim to have been fans “forever” picked up the game when their Dad got all excited about Gretzky.

So now, awash in a 5 game winless slump, Kingfans are at their best. The know-it-alls are in one of two camps a) burying their sorrow in beer and nachos or b) screaming at the team for lack of effort – and longing for the good old days.

Because, of course, it can’t be that their favorite heroes suck, or that St Louis is pretty good, NO NO NO. That is fingers-in-your-ears blahblahblahblahblahblah “I’m not listening” talk. It must be that they are lazy jerks not nearly as hard working as their cubicle-working fan base. (Well, those that do have jobs).

Representative samples, first from “hockey girl” the matronly self-described exercise fiend:

Laura C ‏@hockey2024 14h
Seriously @LAKings it’s time to get your act together. Find some killer instinct or even a basic compete level. Take less penalties. Geez!!

Now that, my friends, is the answer. “find the killer instinct” “take less penalties” WHAT IS THE MATTER WITH YOU GUYS!

Later, from the voice of internet post game king talk from his cell phone with Tonga’s battery dying:

hipcheck ‏@hipchecked 14h
In the old days at least you would see a few fights in a blow out, in the new NHL I guess you just sit back and take it

LOL, so that’s it! Lose 5 in a row but at least get in some fights! What a bunch of jerks! If it was me, I’d be out there fighting people god dammit!

It’s a beautiful meltdown. Even if it’s only 5 games. It’s the same reaction, year in and year out, too. Know-it-all HOMER fan sees his team slump and attacks them for lack of effort. Longs for the good old days when guys really cared about the game and the fans.

Keep in mind, King faithful, that your boys in black have now a whole 19 regulation wins in their 42 starts. That means they are still a little over .500 by all accounts and that’s good. For you.