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USP NHL: WINNIPEG JETS AT ANAHEIM DUCKS S HKN USA CAWhen is the last time Teemu Selanne got his house foreclosed on? When is the last time he spoke in a faggy little french accent? When is the last time he had the letters in his name be “aille” all to make the “I” sound? When is the last time Teemu left his team to go play for the Red Wings cause that’s the only way he could win a cup only he couldn’t cause he sucks and CAROLINA beat him one year and THE MIGHTY DUCKS OF ANAHEIM BEAT HIM THE NEXT YEAR?

Teemu Selanne. T88mu S8lanne8. A better player, a better human and a better foreigner than that shithead Luc Robitaille.

There are no words

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What is it with Kings beating and raping women?

Corvo punches one out in a bar, allegedly.
Palffy punches one out in his house, allegedly.
Hardy tries to get it on with his daughter, allegedly.
Doughty rapes one, allegedly.
Voynov sends one to ER, allegedly.

How bout they allegedly leave women alone?

Interesting that all of them either stayed with or were later re-hired by the team. I guess, allegedly, it’s ok to allegedly beat and/or allegedly rape women if you are a King player/coach. Allegedly.

So for 11 million bucks, what did Anaheim get from this idiot?

44 games and 7 goals. Three year deal – 11 million bucks.

Edmonton? What did Edmonton get for their portion of his insane 27 million dollar contract?

An average of 40 some games a year and 10 goals a year over 3 long and miserable seasons of watching this guy wear $4,000 suits and argue with the trainer about if he was healthy enough to play! Don’t forget of course, the Hershey Bears got him for part of that time cause he was such a malcontented trade-demanding asshole that Edmonton paid him an NHL salary then ultimately banned him to the AHL and bought his stupid contract out! The guy was constantly claiming injury and the trainer insisting he was fine. Fuck.

Don’t forget, Hershey isn’t Edmonton’s AHL team, nope. Edmonton loaned him to Hershey (Washington’s team) because they did not want him around their young players!

“Well, he was great in Montreal, don’t forget that”. Um, no. In Montreal, before robbing them blind with ONE good season and a 5 year boondoggle of a contract, “Shelly” played a grand total of ZERO full seasons … years of 52, 34 and 63 games during which he scored 21 goals TOTAL.

His stat line laid left to right looks like Hakeem Olajuwon and Wilt Chamberlain standing in a midget line up. 2 good seasons amid almost 20 seasons of injury, poor performance, fancy hairdos and a stint in the AHL at age 35.

And now he is done? I hope. Humanity hopes.

Forget his ridiculous life dating pin-up models and bay watch girls, all while supposedly recovering from injury. Lets talk about the wife he divorced, then realized he’d fucked up on the alimony, got her to re-marry him then divorced immediately after she signed a prenup (that was sort of a post, pre and during “nup” considering this guys whacked out lifestyle). Lets not forget the child going through that TMZ divorce.

This is a bad person. Fuck you Sheldon Souray!


In other Sheldon Souray news:

…. you are still lowlife scumbags with such loser existences you do this:




MLB: San Francisco Giants at Los Angeles Dodgers

What a let down

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This is the weakest “rivalry” series of all time. The fans care, but these players are respectful and careful and downright “nice” to each other.


For years we have heard that the Ducks and Kings will not be a true rivalry (though it’s been one big time among the fans for years) until they meet in a playoff series. And now we have a playoff series, and a good one. And now what? Does either player hate the other team? Do the coaches hate each other? Do the front offices hate each other? The mayors have a “bet”-  loser has to go do charity work in the other town … the LA Mayor will teach a music class for one day in an Anaheim classroom – OH THE HATRED!


Where’s the “brawl in the hall”. Where’s the fighting? Where’s the ‘guarantee’ wins from the Captains or the “they got lucky” or “we got robbed” quotes? These guys all hang out and walk the beach in their short shorts in the offseason together, then go hang out at an oxygen bar or something and wear those thin logo-ed vneck tee shirts. Then they go to the Maserati dealership and off to buy new Breitling watches.  A bunch of pampered pussies in this series.


There is no violence on the ice. No nasty quotes. No cheap shots. No antagonizing. It’s good hockey, for sure, but it’s not any more a rivalry than it ever was, and all you assholes who have been running around pontificating about how LA v Anaheim can never be like Rangers/Islanders until they meet in the playoffs … do you see how stupid you are now?


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BTW, is Dustin Brown the worst Captain in the history of the NHL?


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You heard it here first. Benn and Seguin involved in horrible hair-pulling locker room fight before game one. Both “quit the game of hockey” and the Stars fall 11-0, 12-0 and 4-0. Bettman steps in and calls mercy rule. DUCKS IN THREE!!!





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Holy crap, Giguere and Selanne made 312 billion dollars each in their careers in Anaheim. All they did was get to play a game they love, travel around in chartered planes and sleep in luxury hotels while making a ton of cash and working most seasons for only 7 months of the year. So they retire. So what? They both needed to retire years ago. Selanne can barely play in one of the three zones, and he doesn’t do that well anymore (9 goal “victory lap”) season.  Giguere has been a hack back-up for a decade.

Giguere and Selanne should stand and applaud while I take a victory lap for spending a fortune to watch them play … this last couple years at half speed. If anyone should cry it’s me the 41 times a year I spend 400  bucks to watch a game.

It’s bad enough I  have to watch these two melt ice for the last couple of years, but now I have to watch them do a figure skating routine while adults in the crowd around me are crying like a bunch of babies? Get the fuck off me.